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Find your financial zen

Keep calm and carry on


Zentria will help you discover true balance between life and work as we take you on a journey with our fast and informed registration process

and services for professionals.


If you have any questions, one of our experts will be happy to help and guide you through the contracting process.



Call 0208 452 4286 to speak to one of our friendly team.

Masters of professional contracting


Our established history and years of experience looking after the needs of professional contractors means we are best placed to make your contracting life as easy and straightforward as possible.


We understand the unique requirements of healthcare professionals so have a team of leading engagement specialists and experts in contracting and tax legislation available whenever you need them.

No jargon, straight talking


Our friendly team, recognised by our clients for their exceptional service, are fully immersed in answering your questions - providing you with the essential knowledge and freedom to make informed decisions.


They are only a phone call away,

0208 452 4286

Services in harmony


At Zentria we understand your contracting needs and give you

instant control over your finance and admin requirements.


Same day payment

Our tried and tested processes make sure all our healthcare professionals get paid correctly, on time, always.

Hassle free transition

Zentria lead the way in providing the simplest

registration process in both digital and paper form

and there’s no need to worry about anything, as we

help you through the entire journey.

The online portal, your personal space

Everything you need for your clarity and peace of mind,

you will find in your personal space. Built by our own in-house experts from client feedback, our unique online portal

means you can rest assured you’re in good hands.



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Zentria Ltd

Kings House

3rd Floor

Kymberley Road

Harrow HA1 1PT

Zentria Ltd

Kings House

3rd Floor

Kymberley Road

Harrow HA1 1PT


Tel 0208 452 4286

Email [email protected]




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